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This site showcases Jeeps and includes everything from pictures, to news, to offroading info. Enjoy the site, and if you have any suggestions, go to my Contact page.

Picture Gallery
For pictures of Jeeps and of old and new styles, click on the following link:

CJ Jeeps are the best vehicles to own.
I have owned lots of cars and this one is the only one I kept for more than 1 year. There is no substitute for a vehicle with no doors or roof.
Also the ability to go anywhere of road is a lot of fun. I have proved it many times, taking my stock CJ7 everywhere.
Buy yourself a Jeep.

Offroading Information
Offroading is not very common in Pakistan but there are some Offroading clubs in Islamabad(Islamabad Jeep Club) and one in Lahore.

It is the most fun that I've ever had driving a vehicle! Its really pleasant to open the top on a nice day. I love the open air feeling when the top is removed.
The jeep is a fun truck to drive off road. The short wheelbase is useful when driving in rough terrain.
However, all of this fun comes at a price. As you would expect, its not a very comfortable vehicle. It is small and cramped, and there is barely room for 4 people. If you are a person who likes to go off roading, then this is the vehicle for you. Its not the most fun to drive around town. In my opinion, the fun of the open top more than compensates for the lack of comfort and handling.

The CJ5 is a blast to own. They may not handle like a sports car, but they were never designed to. Plus lets see a car or even a pick-up go where this can go. With a bit of work they can go on forever. Only other jeepers can fully understand these wonderful machines. There is nothing like trecking down back roads; the sun shining, listening to the birds sing, exploring trails, just driving... the kind of driving that can only be fully appreciated in a jeep. Traveling trails that leather seated suvs dare not tread is the beauty of these mechanized mountain goats. I had the jeep in places only jeeps can go and they really are the most capable 4X4's there is.